iPhone Home Button Not Working or Unresponsive? Let’s Fix It

In case your iPhone house button isn't functioning or is becoming unresponsive, we've got some probable fixes to talk with you. We've encounter that some users do appear to possess persistent difficulties with the house button on iPhone 5. And most of us know the story behind the house buttons in elderly devices such as the iPhone 4 and 3GS in which it was able to get filthy and unresponsive after a time. iPhone home button not working issue solution check out below.
















The thing is, it occurs. Could be due to a calibration flaw or maybe on account of the dust along with the moisture following prolonged usage. While motives are not clear, the options can allow you to mend an unresponsive home button onto your iPhone 5/4S/4 along with other iOS apparatus.


Recalibrating the house button seems to correct the problem for the vast majority of those users. It occurred with all our iPhones here. If the house button gets a little tricky and unresponsive, this is exactly what we do:


  • Open a program

  • Any default iOS program. (Weather, Clock etc.. )

  • Hold on the Sleep/Wake button (Electricity ) until the'Switch off to power' seems to hold the house button until the slide goes off and you reach the home screen.

  • Now press and

  • This should resolve the calibration difficulties and make the house button function better. Obviously, while the item works nicely, the calibration seems to wane off after some time. For many, this occurs within a week or so. For many, this occurs after a few months or weeks.


    Fixing / Dusting:


    Sweat triggers moisture. There is dust all around. With the type of small spaces the house button border has, it's quite much possible that the unresponsiveness is a result of dust clogged inside. Typically, fix takes up a great deal of money and time so that you can try cleaning the item yourself.


    Among the most effective methods to wash the house button without needing to have fun with the screws is to simply press the button and also atmosphere dust it. This generally blows off some of this clog dust and makes it possible to get back some fantastic responsiveness with the house button.



  • Access has a choice named Assistive Touch. You may allow this to really have a digital house button on the monitor. 

  •  Now scroll down and tap Accessibility

  • Scroll down, again and again, tap AssistiveTouch

  • Turn it ON

  • Open Settings

  • Visit General   


    A tiny black button shows on the bottom-left of this display. Harness this, and you're going to have the house button recorded amongst three other choices.


  • in the event that you actually require the house button but not one of the above methods work for you.  Fix: 

  • Change: When it is a brand new iPhone within the replacement period, go right ahead and make it replaced straight away! 

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